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Another chapter in my life [January 30th, 2008]
[ mood | loved ]

I've fallen in love and it's marvelous.
In other news: nothing else really matters!


explanation. [May 19th, 2007]
i love when music does the talking.Collapse )

[February 25th, 2007]

The fox you lug over your shoulder in a dark sack has cut a hole with a knife and escaped.
The sudden lightness makes you think you are stronger as you walk back to your small cottage
through a forest that covers the world.
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[February 12th, 2007]
Inside of my door.
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Shit, she takes 293842938 showers a day. [January 21st, 2007]
First entry in awhile. Seems I only like to update when I'm feeling good about things. But you know, it's funny. What's easier for other people to read? Sad entries or happy entries? Does it feel better to read that someone is doing better than you or doing badly? I think both are depressing. So what is the perfect mood for a Livejournal entry? An indifferent sort of recalling of events? No. So really, what is Livejournal for? Makes you think. Or at least it makes me think. But I digress.

It's incredible, this happiness. It boggles my mind, really, how much one person can do for another person. I've always been disbelieving of that giddy feeling people claim they get; I discarded that thought because it just didn't seem possible. But now I understand and it blows my mind. And it's incredible that it can suddenly change me for the good instead of the bad. I've always thought that the opposite sex can only have a negative effects on me. I'm glad that's not true. There's always been more than one guy for me; there's never been one special one. But now it's different and there's no one else I want more than this one.

I had a great weekend. I'm just plain happy right now, despite how crappy I feel. No more Philosophy to worry about! That is such a relief, to be honest. I'm not even worried about being behind a credit because it's such an unbelievable weight lifted from my shoulders. So now, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I don't have class till 1. That boosts my morale in a crazy crazy way.

I think, also, the day after a party makes me happy. Especially when we have a big party and the next morning, the house is reasonably clean. There are bottles everywhere of course, but at least this time there isn't sticky crumby cupcake garbage all over the place. And everyone tells me they had a good time. There's something satisfying about holding a reasonably clean party at which everyone had a good time. Even if I had very little to do with it, since I was up in my room for a lot of the night.
But hey, I met a few people. Cool people. So I don't feel bad for being slightly antisocial.

And I made the volleyball team. Not just the Hey,-You-Can-Practice-With-Us-But-Not-Necessarily-Play-in-Games team, but the best 8 or 9 players that tried out. So that gives me a nice accomplished feeling that hasn't been common lately.
Actually, I lie. I really don't care all that much. I wasn't even excited, hence this being the 5th paragraph in the entry. Not a big deal. Which makes me feel ungrateful.

I think the biggest downfall about living in a townhouse is the single bathroom thing. The worst feeling is having to pee while someone is in the shower. And she just got in.
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Right, so. [December 18th, 2006]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm feeling rather good about my exam tomorrow. What I'm feeling rather better about is being DONE by tomorrow at noon.
Then we have to clean the house. But then! Then I am free!
I have a great feeling about this Christmas. I have a great feeling about every Christmas, come to think.
This year in particular, though, has a lot of potential. It seems to me I've resolved some pretty major issues, mostly regarding people.

Oh, and for followers of my Livejournal: he got the hint. The hint being me telling him I can't do it anymore. I personally wouldn't consider it a hint, but some people are just thick.

I would, however, consider 1:24am a little late for an exam night.
I bid you all adieu, parce que je suis française.

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This is me writing an entry. [December 12th, 2006]
[ mood | calm ]

Visiting Secord sure was a blast from the past. Haha I talk like I've been gone from there for years. Feels like it!
Today was a weird day. I mean, I've sure had my lazy days, but today was just ridiculous. I did nothing at all. I have nothing to show for today.
Hopefully later on I'll get into Secord's sold out Christmas concert. That would sure be nice.

A lot of people have been breaking up lately. Stephie's mom says it happens every year but I've never noticed. I mean, these are long-term relationships we're talking here. Right before Christmas! Strange.
Makes me want to break up with my non-existant boyfriend. Or something.

I don't like apple juice at all. I've given it a couple chances now and it just hasn't redeemed itself. Thanks for nothing, apple juice.

I recommend John Mayer's new album. Buy it, download it, whatever. Just listen.
Cause I'm bold as love. (That's actually Hendrix, not Mayer, but whatever.)

Aii. I hope I make the concert tonight. Doubts. I think I said that already. Typing in circles! First sign of a pointless post. Ahh well, I'm posting it anyway.

Oh, and Happy Feet was a fabulous movie. That's another recommendation from ME.

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Relentless [December 11th, 2006]
[ mood | distressed ]

He called 4 times at 4am two nights ago. I didn't pick up.
Last night he called again and I picked up. I talked to him for about 2 minutes and then said I was going to bed. It was only 12am.
Otherwise, I haven't talked to him for a good 2 weeks.
Are these not good enough hints? What, pray tell, are good enough hints?
How am I supposed to change back if he keeps asking me to stay the same!

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Chacha. [December 5th, 2006]
[ mood | stressed ]

In a fit of neurotic behaviour, I chewed off my fake acrylic nails, thereby dispelling any trace of femininity (and enduring reasonably harsh amounts of pain in the process.) I guess I'm just not cut out for this fancy stuff.

I have a feeling that everything is going to be resolved after this week. This crazy, crazy week. Lots of deadlines, kids!
But pushing my way through it day-by-day seems to be the best way to do it. I'm probably not going to sleep. That's irrelevant nowadays, apparently.

I've gotten into the habit of meeting new people again. It makes me feel really good, even if I won't talk to some of them again.

Christie's Christmas party was a blast. I had a great time. I passed for 19, too, which surprised me. I actually passed for a lot older, but that's not official.

We went out to try and find a shitty Christmas tree today. We're in a Christmassy mood here at #20 Schreiberwood, I guess. We've got lights up and we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol tonight. That's my favourite Christmas movie in the whole world!

Alright, I have an entire Philosophy textbook to read before Wednesday, so I suppose I'll get on that (at 2:09am). Good night, dearest LJ friends.

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Bad. [December 1st, 2006]
I've had a shitty couple weeks.
Yesterday was especially bad.
Hope everyone else is doing better!
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Jammin' [November 25th, 2006]
Alright, I'm going back to how I used to be. No more fucking around. The few hours of happiness isn't worth the morning of sick regret.
So I'm reforming!

AND we're having a party tonight! Hopefully I can convince my mom to let my brother come. If not, it still should be fun.

Last night Heather and I went to the AGO and we chatted a bunch with Ashley the security guard. He's the coolest.

Nope. Looks like my mom is a real jerk and won't let my brother come.
No wonder he wants to move out! I would hate it too.

I dunno. I hope I can figure out how to keep this from being imported onto Facebook. If not, well.. I dunno.
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Pigeons [November 11th, 2006]
Hey guys!
If you've never heard of Threadless, first go there go there.

Please vote for the pigeon shirt I designed. Click here...
My Threadless.com Submission

...I'm promoting like a bitch.
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Ouch! [November 11th, 2006]
[ mood | kinda hurt ]

I was just called a dirty little slut for the first time. I'm not sure I liked that too much.
Everything is reeling out of control. I had to cut Paul out of my life because he was a big part of that.
So now, no more waiting around for nothing to happen. No high hopes for things to pick up. Just true loneliness. Believe me, it's better than fake love! (how cliche was that!)


ZB [November 4th, 2006]
From Zach Braff"s MyspaceCollapse )

In other news, I'm home and I'm glad about that.
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Snow :) [November 2nd, 2006]
I don"t knowCollapse )
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NOTLD [October 25th, 2006]
[ mood | accomplished ]

When it's all said and done, whether I have reason to or not, I still worry too much. I cannot believe how stressed out I am all the time. It's weird because times like this I won't remember in a month or two. I never remember the times I'm this bad; it's all just hazy and weird.
But I'm getting a break now for awhile. I'm done the photography assignment and tonight I'm going to relax. Heather and I will finally watch Night of the Living Dead and all will be good.
Paul finally ended whatever was going on last night. I thought it was over already, but I guess now it's final. And even though it's definitely for the best, it's still in the back of mind. It's not bothering me per sé, it's just kinda there.
That's okay.
Movie time!


[October 21st, 2006]
[ mood | burnt out ]

University is like changing my Myspace password after an eternity of having the same one:
Really fucking hard.

I guess that sums up my thoughts into one sentence. I meant for this to be longer.
Oh well, less reading, right?
Take care!

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Thinking. [October 18th, 2006]
[ mood | contemplative ]

And so I get this urge to write an entry, but I'm not sure what about. I'm sure I'll figure it out halfway through.

I'm at one of those places where there is so much going on that I don't have any time to think. I mean, there's only time to think about school and other mundane subjects. So instead of listening in class, I draw and think. I spent 3 hours of my life today drawing, thinking, and feeling guilty about it. And although normally it would bother me, I think again and decide that it doesn't bother me now. I'm at school, essentially, to draw. And to think. Maybe class wasn't as worthless as I previously thought.

So as I write this entry I think again. This is my thinking with words. It feels good; I'm tired of thinking about dates and history and Beowulf and Socratic principals and other boring things. Or about how the hell I'm going to pull off my design project.

I couldn't sleep last night. I was too busy thinking. It's so weird how I take thinking for granted all the time. I wish I had time now.

But it's okay. Every time I hear people say they 'take things one day at a time', I really listen right over it. It's one of those phrases that I don't really think about; it has no meaning because it's used so often. But this morning, I was stressing out in the shower and realized that, if I just focus on getting to class I can get through the day. And getting through the day, right now, is my main focus.

I'm painfully excited for this weekend. For Saturday. For seeing Paul. :)
If he cancels again, I'll die. I will. But I guess if he doesn't cancel, I'll die too. My stomach will explode with butterflies. I've always been scared that would happen.

I love Zach Braff.
That is my last thought :)

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Some general facts and figures. [October 2nd, 2006]
[ mood | drained ]

I guess I'm having a pretty hard time with school. I'm not used to the constant work that must be done. I'm also not used to staying up so damn late every night and waking up so early. I'm pretty sure I'm gaining weight, too.
But I'm just having the best time ever. I want to be here forever.

I'm having a bit of trouble with guys, including grant and others.
I was pretty harsh towards Grant today. I feel bad for telling him the truth, I guess. I have so much to say to him that it's hardly worth saying at all. I shouldn't have said it at all.
But I did. I suppose he did need to hear it.

I had a great weekend. I love being able to drive around and visit anyone I want. I also love the Grape and Wine Festival and my parents and my brother (even though I didn't see much of him). I especially miss my dogs.

I must say, I owe a lot to Sparknotes right now. A lot.
I have more to read though. Philosophy. Should be rough, especially since it's 12:45am and I won't be able to concentrate.

I hope everyone's well and having a great time doing whatever they're doing. I wish everyone could come to my school because I'm having such a great time, but I want to share it with you.

PS. Write me letters, I want mail :(
Nicole Green
20 Schreiberwood Residence
University of Toronto at Mississauga
3349 Mississauga Rd, North
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 1J7

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Heather the douchebag. [September 26th, 2006]
[ mood | drained ]

My roommate is super creepy.Collapse )
I ♥ Heather.
PS. everyone listen to 9027km by OkGo. You'll love it.

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